Brow Lamination just got better - London Brow Pro is here with waterproof brow lamination!

London Brow Lamination just got better! 

After the worldwide success of London Brow Lamination we have gone back to the Laboratory and created something extra special for our London Brow Artists. We love keeping you at the top of your game with our innovative products and know you will love our latest launch.

Introducing London Brow Pro !

This is brow lamination 2.0! If you loved London Brow lamination you will be blown away with our Pro Range.

What's so different you ask? We cannot wait to tell you!

Waterproof Brows!  Yes you heard right! No more waiting 24 - 48 hours to wash eyebrows (although you can if you love the unwashed wet set look!) No more clients having the panic of getting their eyebrows wet in the rain, kiddie baths or just needing to go out! We have created a unique system that allows your clients to go to the gym, get their brows wet and not worry about them. You will be using the only brow lamination on the market to do this!

Keratin Shield System - our unique keratin shield system which you are loving in our lash lifting range has now been added to our brow lamination range. This coats the brows with a plant based keratin shield and rebuilds any damaged keratin during the perming process keeping your clients eyebrow hair safe, strong and healthy while the London Brow magic is going on inside.

Bond Rebuilding system - using the olaplex hair system as our inspiration we have created a purley plant based bond rebuilding system. This will mean less damage to eyebrow hair during perming and it will protect brows that have been previously damaged by over use of dyes or henna.

Intensive Skin protection - We have included a waterproof skin protection system which will now mean your clients have less risk of going red during their treatment. Not only will our products protect the skin it will seal in added natural moisturisers so your clients leave with better skin than they came in with!

Low Odour - we have our signature London Brow low odor now in our brow lamination so that your clients don't have to worry about smelling like 'rotten egg' during their treatment.

We also have made sure, as we have with all our products that they are

  • Vegan plant-based
  • non-GMO
  • gluten-free
  • cruelty free
  • sulfate/silicon free
  • ammonia free
  • low odor
  • Low Ph level

Created and Manufactured in England


How long should you wait before wetting laminated brows with the new London Brow Pro?

With the new Waterproof Brow lamination Pro system clients can wet their brows shortly after treatment however they do need to brush the brows back into their lifted shape afterwards – so ‘set when wet’ this will keep the clients brow lifted for longer.

What should I avoid doing after brow lamination?

Avoid excessive heat saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools for up to 48 hours after treatment – although we have a waterproof shield this is for showering.  Excessive heat and water still needs to be avoided.

Do not apply any products, such as soap, on your brows up to 48 hours after treatment.

Can I use London Brow Pro Step 1 with the London Brow Original step 2 and 3?

You can however it you will not be able to offer the Waterproof system. You will need the whole new 3 step system for the waterproof system to be in your brow lamination treatment.

Do I need to re patch test for London Brow Pro?

As we have added some new plant based ingredients we would recommend re patch testing your clients.  All three steps are reformulated so it is good for client care to re patch test at their current appointment for their next one.

Shop our patch testing kits here.

Are the timings the same for London Brow Pro?

As with any new product you may need time to get used to this.  Our timings are the same as our London Brow Original however make sure you use the 'halfway' check system when doing your lamination.  This will show you whether you need to leave the product on for longer to achieve optimum results or whether you need to remove it sooner to avoid over processing.

Can I use London Brow Pro with other brands of brow lamination?

We cannot guaranteed brow health or results if mixing our products with other brands. We have formulated our brow lamination system to work with each other so we know exactly how much of a certain chemical we need in our Step 2 to work with our Step 1 and our Step 3. If you mix chemicals you may get uncertain results or damage your clients eyebrow hair by using chemicals that are not suited to each other.

Do you have any marketing material I can use to show I offer London Brow Pro?

If you have a trade account with us you have access to free marketing material and videos.  We have instagram videos and stories you can download to advertise this treatment / service to your clients.

Will you still be stocking your old brow lamination formula or packaging?

Our formula will be the same formula you love to use just better!  Our step 1 will now be in a gold sachet - we will no longer be stocking the old white sachet.

If you have any other questions we haven't answered please email us or call us and our team will be happy to answer them for you.