Every Day is Earth Day at The London Brow Company

If you are a London Brow customer you know that 'planet' 'vegan and 'cruelty free' and not just marketing buzz words for us. These are things we are passionate about and believe beauty should NOT come at a cost to our planet, our animals or our health.

Ways we make sure Earth Day is every day at The London Brow Company?

We plant trees for every order we receive

We donate to Eco projects to help repair our damaged earth, forests, wetlands and oceans

We are carbon neutral working towards being Carbon negative

We use natural ingredients and are plant based

We use eco friendly and bio degradable packaging 

We have zero parabens in our products

We work towards clean sustainable beauty in all the products we sell

We have ZERO tolerance on animal testing

We are proudly vegan

We make all our own products in England in our own facilities so we can ensure quality and ingredient control

We always think about People and Planet before profit

We believe ALL professionals should have access to affordable, clean, sustainable beauty products that they can trust and a brand they can have a relationship with should they need help or support in any way.

That is why every day is International Earth day at The London Brow Company.

Thank you to each and every one of you who use our brand, you not only make our dream possible you are making a difference by choosing natural over toxic.