Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare - What you need to know

It's time to start educating your clients about the importance of Brow Lamination Aftercare! A Brow Treatment isn't complete without our recommended aftercare products. It is extremely important to highlight to your clients that they need to give their brows the love they deserve, after stepping away from the salon. 

You wouldn't have your hair dyed or permed without the proper aftercare, so we need to think of the brows the same way. After a chemical process any hair needs products that repair, nourish and strengthen to counteract the small amount of damage that happens through the perming process.

Here at The London Brow Company we have three main types of aftercare product, that have been specifically designed by us to use after having eyebrow lamination treatments, with natural, plant based ingredients to nourish in the right way. Ensuring your client is supporting their brow hair correctly at home.  

Our most popular product is the  Keratin Boost Brow Serum - as keratin can be broken down during lamination, our Keratin Brow Boost Serum product builds it back up. An easy to apply, dry oil that comes with a mascara wand for application. A little goes a long way! This is an every day serum that can be applied overnight or underneath daily make-up. 

Our Set & Go Brow & Lash Growth Serum is designed as a wet aftercare serum which not only infuses the eyebrow hair with natural moisturising ingredients and growth serums it also sets the brows for up-to 48 hours. They can be set in any shape and won't create the 'flat' look but will give you the fresh glossy just laminated look. No chance of a crispy finish with this product as the brows will be soft and moisturised. Great to use as often as possible and also suitable for lashes so a wonderful option to up-sell to your clients post treatment as a dual use product.

A real winner amongst therapists is our Mini Brow Boost Serum, A small version of our Set & Go Serum. The perfect size to pop in your handbag and comes with a little dropper for easy application. Retail to your client's or build the costing into your brow lamination treatment price and then give your client a cute gift, a wonderful way to introduce them to eyebrow aftercare then you can upsell the larger Set & Go at their next appointment. Giving them a little bottle of magic when they leave will make your appointment memorable.

Our best seller and the gold standard of aftercare products - The London Brow Doctor an intense mask treatment for brows that need an intense condition. Leave on overnight or for 10-15 minutes to repair the brows that have been compromised by multiple henna applications, lamination or strong eye make up remover. 

Don't let your customer leave without at least one of the above products. There is not enough specific ingredients in caster oil or coconut oil to nourish and repair the brows. You always want to recommend eyebrow lamination or eyelash lifting specific aftercare. Discuss their options and send them home with one of our handy Aftercare Care Card's. We've even added a space on the back for you to add their next maintenance appointment and your business details. This way you can be confident that you will be working with healthy brows again and again!

All our aftercare products can be purchased in bulk where you will qualify for up to 50% off so you can retail and earn while you do.  Look for the 'Bulk Discount Rates' add the quantity needed to get your discount and your discount will automatically be applied.  Earn an extra £10 per treatment when you upsell the correct aftercare to your customers.

Tune into our 'Micro Live Mondays' on our London Brow Company Instagram Page, where we will be covering various different topics each week.  Watch our Aftercare Video where we go through aftercare in more detail and how to advise and up sell to your clients including our aftercare retail discounts.