How to Build a Thriving Salon Business Without Relying on Instagram

⭐ Building without Instagram ⭐

Right now, many therapists are struggling with Instagram due to its ever-changing algorithm. However, it’s important to remember that Instagram isn’t a selling platform; it’s a showcase platform. Use it to highlight your work, build trust, and foster relationships—not for direct sales or bookings.

Instagram is vast, making it hard to target your ideal client, especially in your local area. To grow your client base and boost bookings, focus closer to home—within a mile or two from your salon. How many people in your local area know about you? Some fundamental booking strategies have been overshadowed by the rise of social media. Let’s bring them back to life.

Here’s how I filled my diary within six months. These methods will increase your salon's visibility and build a loyal client base nearby:

  1. Market to Your Immediate Area: Utilise free ads, local magazines, parish booklets, schools, and notice boards in supermarkets, coffee shops, and cafes. Yes, people still read these, and they work!

  2. Local Flyer Drops: Focus on a 1-1.5 mile radius. Clients who can reach you easily are more likely to book. People want convenience and need to know you’re local and accepting clients. Use your quiet times to distribute flyers door-to-door. If you see people, hand them a flyer and chat about your services. A friendly face makes a huge difference. Include a discount on the flyer to tempt them to try your services and keep your details.

  3. Google Local: Ensure you’re on Google. Create a free Google Business page and get listed on Google Maps so clients can find you when searching for local services.

  4. Facebook: Set up a business page and post information about your services and opening times. Share in local groups (with permission). People often check local groups for recommendations when seeking services. Avoid spamming—share tasteful posts about who you are and what you offer.

Lastly, the best way to grow your business is to keep your current clients delighted. Happy clients return and recommend you to others. Get their consent to email or text them, then send a monthly newsletter with offers, service updates, aftercare tips, and seasonal advice. This keeps you in their minds, provides value, and occasionally offers little perks for their loyalty. Consistently make your clients feel like royalty, and they’ll remember how you made them feel more than the service itself. Put a plan in place and watch your business grow!