Creating different looks with London Brow Hybrid Dye

Lets talk about London Brow Hybrid Dye

Our newest product London Brow Hybrid Dye has been flying off the shelves since launching and our first month of you all adding this to your treatment has been a huge success.

The one thing we get asked a lot is if the dye is adjustable. Meaning can the depth of the skin stain be controlled and adapted to suit the client?

Absolutely! This is the beauty of our dyes.

We've created a dye that you can use for a variety of scenario's so that you don't need different products to do different things.

How to get different effects with your London Brow Hybrid Dye's

1. Full Skin Stain - Henna Effect

Place your dye on the skin in layers working under the brow hair first then layering on top until all brow hair is covered. Make sure your layers are thin this will be easier for placement under the brow hair.  For a full covered intense stain leave the hybrid dye on for the longest time possible, this will give full depth and a deep skin stain.  

⭐ Top Tip * remove a section on the brow half way through to check how your colour is developing, you can always reapply if you feel you need more development time.

2. Powdered Brow

Place your dye under the brow line and 1/4 way up the brow hair. Create a sharp line with your dye then brush the dye from this line into the remaining brow hair in an upward direction so you are coating the brow hair but not flooding the skin.

⭐ Top Tip * Use a very sharp angled brow brush to apply in a neat line.  Use precision sticks to perfect your line and clean the area without affecting the sharpness you have created.

3. Ombre Effect

This is created when removing dye from the fronts of the brows.  Remove dye from the front of the brows at an angle, half way through your dye timing. 

⭐ Top Tip * If the ombre effect is still too 'blocky' once your tint has developed use our natural Colour Remover on a cotton bud / Q Tip and clean the front area until the desired ombre effect has been achieved.

4. Soft Tinting Effect

Created structure without solid lines by placing the dye over the brow and gently pressing it onto the skin. Do not leave the dye to process as long as you would for a Henna Brow effect this will give you a softer colour result.

⭐ Top Tip * If you feel the colour is still too strong you can reduce it up to two shades lighter with our natural Colour Remover.  Gently wipe over the brows with a cotton pad until the shade has lightened to your perfect colour.

5. No Skin Stain Only Brow Tinting

Feather the dye onto the brow hair coating the hair and avoiding the skin. Remove any excess on the skin immediately and allow to develop. This will dye the hair without skin staining.

⭐ Top Top * Use a mascara wand dipped into your dye then gently brushed onto the brow hair to completely coat the hair without skin staining.  Clean any excess that may touch the skin immediately with our natural colour remover. 

You can create so many varied looks with our new Hybrid Dye, best of all it's tint based so you do not need any additional training like you do with henna based hybrid dyes. 

Keep checking in on our instagram for more hints and tips and seeing the spectacular work of our therapists! @thelondonbrowcompany