London Brow's Revolutionary Brow Colouring Ranges: Hybrid & TINTED

London Brow takes immense pride in catering to the diverse needs of professional brow artists, offering an extensive selection of colouring options to meet the unique requirements of their clients. With the introduction of two groundbreaking ranges, London Brow Hybrid and London Brow TINTED, the world of brow tinting is about to witness a transformation like never before.

Why Two Ranges?

Recognising that every brow artist works differently, and each client has their distinct skin tone and preferences, London Brow has developed two distinct ranges to provide unparalleled versatility.

London Brow Hybrid

The London Brow Hybrid range stands out as a vibrant and bold alternative to traditional henna brow tinting, providing all the benefits without using henna itself.

Key Differences:

1. Thick Cream Consistency: The Hybrid range features a thick cream consistency, ensuring smooth and precise application.

2. Vibrant Multi Tonal Colors: With a wide array of colors, the Hybrid range allows you to create stunning multi-tonal effects for your clients' brows.

3. Bolder Skin Stain: Achieve a more pronounced henna-like brow effect with the Hybrid range's bolder skin stain.

4. Easy Blending for Unique Shades: The Hybrid dye is effortlessly blendable, granting you the freedom to create bespoke color shades for each client.

5. Tint-like Application, Henna-like Stai*: Get the best of both worlds – the easy application of tint with the enduring stain of henna.

6. Long-lasting on Skin and Hai*: Your clients will enjoy long-lasting results on both their skin and brow hair.

7.  Henna-Free: While replicating the allure of henna, the Hybrid range is entirely henna-free.

8. Quickest Development Time: Save time without compromising quality, as the Hybrid dye offers the quickest development time.

London Brow TINTED

The London Brow TINTED range is known for its liquid consistency and softer skin staining, delivering an elegant powdered brow effect.

Key Characteristics:

1. Liquid Consistency: The TINTED range comes in a smooth liquid form, making it easy to work with.

2. Lighter Shades for Lighter Skin Tones: Catering to clients with lighter skin tones, the TINTED range offers a variety of lighter shades.

3. Soft Skin Staining: Achieve a subtle, powdered brow effect with the TINTED range's softer skin stain.

4. Multi Tonal Colors: The TINTED range boasts multiple colors that blend harmoniously, resulting in stunning customized shades.

5. 6 Bendable Shades: Enjoy the flexibility of six bendable shades, allowing you to craft the perfect color tone for each individual.

6. Long-lasting on Skin and Hair: Like its Hybrid counterpart, the TINTED range delivers long-lasting results on both the skin and brow hair.

7. Henna-Free: The TINTED range is completely free from henna.

Your Brow Artistry Elevated

Whether your goal is to achieve bold, henna-like brows with the Hybrid range or to create soft, powdered effects with London TINTED, London Brow now offers a comprehensive range that caters to your every need. Empower your creativity and deliver impeccable results to your clients with these revolutionary brow colouring ranges. Elevate your brow artistry with London Brow and experience the transformative power of innovation and precision. Step into a world of limitless possibilities, where your clients' dream brows become a beautiful reality.

All our ranges are proudly Vegan and Cruelty Free.