Office Christmas Party ready! Tips for the ultimate brows this festive season.

Its that time of year when your diary is filling up with festive fun and you're digging out your favourite sparkly outfits for the office Christmas party. With so many reasons to celebrate don't forget to make time to prioritise your beauty regime, so you can be flawless all season.

At The London Brow Company we are passionate about stunning brows, so here come our tips and tricks to achieve perfection this Christmas.

1. Skin Preparation.

You wouldn't start your makeup without preparing your skin and the same applies to your eyebrows!

100% Natural our brow scrub is the perfect product for your eyebrow colouring treatments.

Used to remove dead skin from the area around the eyebrows and under the eyebrow hair London brow scrub allows henna or tint to have a deeper longer lasting effect on both the hair and the skin. The jojoba shell particles help to exfoliate the upper layer of skin, cleaning excess dirt accumulated on the skin surface and prevents clogging into pores. This facilitates great access of the skin to oxygen thereby promoting better penetration of the henna and tinting pigments.

Eyebrows exfoliated we now recommend cleansing the area and what better product to do this than our Eyebrow AND Eyelash Cleanser, treating two areas at once! 

Natural, Clean and Free of toxins is what our Lash and Brow Foaming shampoo cleanser is all about! 

Soft and sensitive but still powerful to do a deep clean while balancing the skin and hair pH to give your clients the best foundation for their treatment.

Filled with anti bacterial properties our gentle foam will give a full clean, removing dirt, grease, make up build up and all the other nasties that get trapped in your eyelashes that can cause irritation and infection.  Our foaming cleanser will combat all of that! 

2. Home Lamination

Eyebrows prepared, it's onto our London Brow Home Brow Lamination Kit to create your statement soft and fluffy brows. We have decided to formulate a mild lamination product that is safe for the public, adheres to UK and EU regulations and most importantly is cruelty free. A much more cost effective option around an already expensive time of year. 


3. Set Brows in Place

Time for a product that will see you through a night of dancing. 

Set and Go is our new wet look setting serum that gives you that fresh off the couch lamination look.

Our unique soft setting serum will set brows and lashes in place for up to 48 hours without the sticky feeling you get from regular gels.
Not only will our new serum set brows and lashes in place it is also a growth and strengthening serum. You can set your brows and lashes while knowing they are being nourished and protected by The London Brows unique plant keratin shield system.


4. Add that final definition! 

Time to carve out that brow and make it pop using our London Brow Professional Make Up Brushes and Creamy Concealers.

Load your No.2 brush with our cream based concealer (Marble Arch 1 or Marble Arch 2), ensuring to match your skin tone. Once you've loaded your brush, wipe off the excess so that you don't overload the product to the skin when applying. This will then help you to create a crispy bevelled edge underneath the brow. Then use No.3 Brush to blend blend blend! You want definition but you don't want it to be too severe.

5. Enjoy the attention!

So with all that attention you've given to your brows its now time to revel in the attention it will bring you! 

With brows on point, you'll be rocking your office Christmas party! Enjoy!