Pro vs. Lite Brow Lamination: Our Tailored Solutions for Every Brow Type

Tailored Brow Lamination: The Power of Choice

At The London Brow Company, we're proud to be the only brand that offers two distinct types of brow lamination strengths: Pro and Lite. This means you can provide your clients with the perfect brow transformation, suited specifically to their unique needs.

Pro Strength:
Ideal for experienced professionals who value speed and precision. The advanced formula is designed for medium to coarse brows, providing a powerful lift that allows you to work efficiently without over-processing. If you're trained with The London Brow Company or have significant experience, this option can also be used on thinner, sparser brows with care.

Lite (Sensitive) Strength:
Created for finer, sparse brows and for technicians new to brow lamination. This gentle, slower-acting formula gives beginners the extra time they need to achieve flawless results without over-processing. It's also suitable for clients with sensitive skin.

Key Differences:


  • Fast processing times
  • Effective on coarse, stubborn brows
  • Allows for more styling options


  • Slower processing times
  • Best for fine, sparse hair
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Ideal for beginners

Why Our Results Stand Out
We design our formulas specifically for brow lamination, continually refining them in partnership with our labs. One-size-fits-all products rarely deliver the best results for every client. Like choosing the right haircare products, your clients need customised treatments that suit their individual brow types.

Have questions about which formula to use? Our team is always available to guide you. Whether by phone or email, we're ready to help you provide your clients with beautifully laminated brows.