5 Top Tips When Starting In The Beauty Industry

1. Honesty Check 

Honesty check about you and your new beauty business

Check in with yourself, be honest. How much time and energy do you actually spend working on moving your business forward? If you're not sure, then you are lacking a business plan. You need to make sure you have clear and precise plans, visions and goals and put these practices into place. When you're just starting write down a list of what you want to do every single day to get the most from your business. Create daily, weekly, monthly goals but keep them time restricted so you know whether you're achieving them in that timescale.

If your plan is to have your own salon in five years time then make a list of what you need to do to make that happen and break it down into a smaller more manageable actions.

2. Internet Presence

Create an online presence for you beauty brand and business

Most commonly we jump to this being 'social media' but actually not all of your potential clients will have this tool, it's far more likely that they'll have access to the internet. If they are window shopping for a new salon/therapist then that's what they're going to be using.

So ensure that you have an up to date website or web page with your key information: Name, Location, Pricing, Contact Information, Social Media Links etc. It doesn't have to be elaborate and there are free website providers out there such as Wix and Go Daddy that make it quick and easy to set up. Integrate 'key words' that link with your local area so you're found on google searches and optimise clients viewing your site.

3. Insurance 

Getting insurance for your beauty business is essential

Professional insurance is a necessary and important part of your business especially in the Beauty and Aesthetics Industry where you are dealing with clients skin, eyes and faces. Reactions can happen even if you have done everything correctly which could mean a client seeks compensation from you, so it is important you get your insurance in place before you start working on the public.

There are many companies offering salon specific insurance and we do recommend using a company that is an industry insurer. This means they are specialised in offering Beauty, Nail and Holistic Insurance which is helpful as they will also keep you updated with insurance or legal changes within the industry.

4. Growth Mindset

Growth is essential for any business in the beauty world this is also true

People have two types of mindset - either a fixed mindset where you believe that the talents/intelligence you're born with is all you'll ever have, or a growth mindset where you believe that your talents are malleable and ever evolving. When you understand which one you are it will hugely help move your business forward.

Having a growth mindset means you will be seeking out opportunities to learn new things and realising its just disciplines and everyday practices that will give you the tools you need to take on whatever gets thrown at you. The attitude of 'I'm not good at that' will instead change to 'I'm just not good at that yet!"

5. Stop Worrying About The Competition! 

Stay true to your brand do not worry about other brands stick to your guns

The time has come to forget about what everyone else is doing and just focus on you. It's easy to get disheartened when you're spending time looking at others and what they've achieved. Step away from scrolling social media as most of the time you'll be viewing a highlight reel of someone's life. You won't be seeing the behind the scenes daily struggle and often hard work they would have put in to get where they are now. Just remember everyone starts somewhere and we all have the same 24 hour day. Put the energy you would have spent comparing and use it towards your own achievements.