When Brow Lamination Goes Wrong - Troubleshooting

It's time to answer some FAQ's regarding Brow Lamination to help you with your clients.

The FIRST thing you should do when anything goes wrong is find the 'why'.

Why did this occur? What can I do to fix this in the future? Rather than having to go out and search for those answers, we've got them right here!

What’s the earliest my client can get their brows laminated after being done?

We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks between brow lamination appointments.

My client says her brows are curly on the ends the next day after treatment, what do i suggest?

This may be where your client has slept on her brow hairs and interrupted them from perming straight.  Make sure when your client washes her brows she keeps setting them when wet (Remember Set When Wet) this way she will train her brows to straighten and maintain her straight ends.  If this continues to happen after her treatment she may need to change how she sleeps the first night after having her brows done.

Its been two - three weeks and my client has lost brow hair in the main part of her brow

There are a few reasons this could happen, the main ones are :-

Perm was not removed with the wet removal method or Perm was not entirely removed from the eyebrow so it continued to process on the underlying brow hair.

This causes over processing and the brow hair to be compromised.  Clients will lose brow hair because it becomes dry and brittle and starts to break. When removing step one ALWAYS wet remove and make sure the brow is fully 'washed' out not just wiped over.  This way all the perm is removed from the hair and the skin to keep both safe and perm free.  Make sure you use soft cotton pads because the brow hair at this stage is fragile and being too rough can risk breakage.

Next, the brows were not neutralised correctly or the neutraliser was removed before it could complete its job.

If you do not neutralise the brows correctly and for enough time in step two you don't seal the cuticle back down and the hair shaft is not protected.  This causes the hair shaft to dry out and become brittle and break

If you remove step two before it has time to absorb into the hair-shaft and reseal the cuticle you leave the hair compromised.  Removing step two can sometimes be done without realising it when you tint or henna the brow after lamination, you then use water to remove the tint, you also remove the step 2 you have just placed on the brow.

My clients have lost brow hair in their starts and tails but their main brow has lifted well

Some clients starts and tails are a lot finer than their main brow hair.  When doing clients with finer starts and tails make sure you only place perm on the main brow to start with.  Once the main brow has lifted, you can then place perm on the starts and tails separate to the main brow.  This will help avoiding over processing finer hair while you are working on coarser or thicker hair in the main brow.

My client has eczema in their brows after brow lamination

This means too much perm in being placed on the clients skin during treatment. When doing brow lamination make sure you work from the root of the brow hair up and only place the perm on the brow hair (as much as you possibly can) there will be a small element of brow perm that goes onto the skin under the brow hair but if it is only a small amount it wont affect your clients skin in an adverse way.
The less perm you can leave on the skin the safer treatment you will deliver for your client.

My client says her brows are 'wild' and will not stay where she puts them

Your clients brow hair is very dry and needs correct hydration and aftercare. Recommend our Keratin Boost or Brow Doctor Mask and this will sort the problem out for her by conditioning her brows and giving her a lift she will love.

My clients brows are 'wavy' and 'crispy'

Your clients brows have been over processed.  Even if brows are slightly over processed they will go wavy or feel hard and crispy.  Your client will need to use The London Brow Doctor to reform her Bonds and restore her brows back to health.  In future lessen your perming times on this client or extend the time between brow laminations.

My clients brows have not lifted

Some clients do not hold onto a brow lift for longer than 3 - 4 weeks and this is due to us all having different brow hair types.  If clients have brow hair that grows straight down, when lifting the brow we take the hairs into an unnatural angle. The brow hairs will not stay lifted for long.  

A good way to help your clients is to ensure they always 'set when wet' and use our very light London Brow Gel to keep their lamination in place for the first week this can keep the brow hair up while they set and they tend to last longer.

You can also make sure you do a bold lift when doing your clients lamination and she will need to wear this 'over bold' look for the 24 - 48 hour setting period. After this her brows will then settle into a well lifted lamination as you set them in a bold lamination to begin with.  

Clients who have soft, angled laminations to begin with will see their laminations falling out sooner as they are so soft they will naturally drop sooner.  It's like having a hair perm, the tighter the curl in the hair when permed the longer the perm will last because it takes longer for the curl to drop out.

Thats the same for brow lamination, the higher the lift the longer it will last. The only issue is you need to be careful you don't 'over lift' because taking the brow hair into a position that is too over lifted will snap the brow hair.  So it is a fine line and we need to be experienced to be able to know how to give our clients big brow lifts.

My client has irritation / burns on the top of her brow
You must make sure you put a barrier on your clients skin before perming their brow hair.  Perm is a chemical that can cause skin burns if left on the clients skin for too long, the less time the skin is exposed to the perm the safer it is for your client. Use vaseline to put a barrier around the brows.

We are always on hand to answer any of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@londonbrowcompany.com and one of our dedicated team will be in touch.